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Jason Travers began painting following in the tradition of the plein air painters, who studied light and color differences embodied in the landscape. Though literal references to nature have diminished in his paintings, Travers continues to seek a deep visual connection rooted in Romantic impulses that began in 19th Century experience. Travers seems to always be preoccupied with the concept of part-to-whole. It’s a kind of visual

game that he enjoys playing as long as the solutions are visually enticing, or even perplexing. Many of his paintings are diptychs and other multi-panel configurations, creating relationships that impart a sense of tension. An interesting byproduct of using multi-panel configurations is that it moves the canvas away from the traditional illusionistic picture space, and into the realm of object. Travers has become interested in the way the canvases imply a more sculptural experience. He likes his paintings to play with the viewer’s spatial awareness, rather than having them hang passively on the wall. Though they may appear to be simple on first glance, given time Travers would like them to slowly open to the senses.


Jason Travers has been committed to all levels of art education for over twenty years. He teaches all levels of drawing at Rhode Island College, and art history at Anna Maria College. 


He has shown his work at Stephen Haller Gallery, in New York; Lenore Gray Gallery, in Providence; and Lascano Gallery in Great Barrington, MA. He has also shown his work at Wheaton College, Montserrat College of Art, and Merrimack College. In 2017 Jason was invited to be visiting artist at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN. 


He earned his BFA in painting from the Art Institute of Boston, and his MFA in painting from American University. He lives and works with his wife and daughter in Providence, RI.  When he’s not working to solve visual problems in his studio he can be found reading quietly in a corner, or frolicking in the woods. 


SHOW NEW EXTENDED SCHEDULE: Jason Travers solo show Decoys and Effigies will be extended until December 14, 2022.  The Chazan Gallery will be closed for the school's Winter break between December 15 and January 2nd.  The gallery will reopen on January 3rd and the show Decoys and Effigies  will be on view until Sunday, January 29th

Gallery Hours:
3PM to 6PM Mondays through Fridays

11AM to 4PM Saturdays
12 to 4PM Sundays
(And by appointment)
There is no admission charge.

Liz Kilduff (Director)
Elena Lledo (Assistant Director)
Phone: 401-528-2227

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